Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 68/2020/Martie



# Article Title Hits
1 A Study on the Correlations among Elder Volunteers’ Participation Motivation, Happiness, and Intention of Continuous Participation 251
2 Relations among Education & Training, Job Involvement, and Organizational Commitment of Volunteers in Government Departments 401
3 A Pilot Study on the Implementation of the GENER@T Program 222
4 Applying Big Data Analysis to Discuss the Elderly Social Welfare Service Use Condition and the Relevant Factors 166
5 The Potentials of Digital Collaborative Platforms for the Innovation of Refugees’ Reception Strategies 149
6 The Influence Factors in Elementary and Junior High School Bullying - Based on the Interpretative Structural Modeling 168
7 High Education Radical Transformation Era: How Teachers’ Competency can enhance the Students’ Employability? 787
8 The Influencing Factors of University Teachers' Willingness to Disclose Inventions - Empirical Study from China 225
9 Classification of Spoken Errors Regarding the Communicative Competencies 156
10 Dynamism of Culture, Poverty and Development: India and Bangladesh Experience 322
11 Evaluation Index System and Measurement of High-quality Development in China 195
12 Research on the Social Sustainability of China's Bancassurance 120
13 Based on Environmental Management to Discuss the Effect of Food Service Businesses’ Social Responsibility on Environmental Performance 219
14 Cross-Sectional Study on Hospital Admission for Asthma Patients in Romania, 2008-2018 132
15 To Examine the Effect of Government Governance of Medical System on Public Health by Using the Regression Analysis 126
16 Strategic Brand Model Proposal for Patient Satisfaction and Private Healthcare Preferences 182
17 Quality of Life in Moderate-Severe OSA Patients from North-Eastern Romania 157
18 Social Intervention as an Adjuvant Therapy for Patients with Schizophrenia 122
19 Effects of the Attraction of Social Networking Sites of Taiwan Toys on Consumers’ Purchase Intention 137
20 Effect of Learning Environment and Tobacco Consumption on the Formation of Students’ Motivation in Basketball Classes 1079
21 Institutional Organisation and the Visual Identity within the Physical Education and Sports Faculties in Romania 144
22 Social Inclusion around Newly Promoted Football Clubs 179