Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Teorii ale saraciei si saracirii populatiei (6)

Teorii ale saraciei si saracirii populatiei


Nina Mihaela Mihalache


Lumen, 2006

Cod CED: 1584-5397-12(06)
Dimensiuni pp. 72-80


Has poverty existed in all times? Has it been researched and to which scope? Who is responsible for Poverty: individuals, societies or politics? The concept of poverty has been given many definitions, from various theoretical perspectives, as well as from the view of numerous historical periods and cultural backgrounds. Although there have been extremely complex researches on poverty, one could not provide recipes for the eradication of this phenomenon. The research on poverty remains a permanent concern and challenge for the professionals in the field. 
Comentarii: A fost saracia si a ramas o componenta a tuturor timpurilor? A fost cercetata saracia si in ce scop? Cine este responsabil pentru Saracie :individul, societatea, politicul? Conceptului saracie i s-au atribuit mai multe definitii, din perspective teoretice diferite, dar si prin prisma perioadelor istorice si a ariilor culturale. Desi au fost realizate cercetari deosebit de complexe asupra saraciei,nu s-au putut elabora retete pentru eradicarea fenomenului. Cercetarea asupra saraciei ramane o preocupare si o provocare permanenta pentru specialistii din domeniu.