Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Timpul liber, consumul mediatic si cultural in randul studentilor (5)

Timpul liber, consumul mediatic si cultural in randul studentilor


Adrian Netedu


Lumen, 2007

Cod CED: 1584-5397-16(05)
Dimensiuni pp. 64-71, Revista de cercetare si interventie sociala, vol.16/2007


The spending of free time (loisir) and the media or cultural consumption in the students group as a whole, remains a very interesting problem for the social research. Some trends in this case can reveal indeed some of the actual and future consuming practices for our society. These trends must be very influential for other social groups and in this case we can discuss about a generator for social change related to consumer practices. 


Petrecerea timpului liber dar si practicile de consum mediatic sau cultural in randul studentilor ramane o problematica de maxim interes pentru cercetarea sociala. Anumite trenduri pot releva fara indoiala directii actuale si viitoare ale practicilor de consum plecand de la acest grup social largit. El va influenta si alte segmente sociale fiind agentul schimbarii sociale in ce priveste practicile de consum mediatic si nu numai.