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The development of foster care in Romania (2)

The development of foster care in Romania


Stefan Cojocaru


Lumen, 2005

Cod CED: 1584-5397-11(02)
Dimensiuni pp. 1513-1517


Presented at the International Conference Child Welfare in Ucraine, organized by United States Agency for International Development and Holt International Children's Service (3-4 November 2005, Kiev, Ucraine) 
Comentarii: The start of the first foster care programme in Romania, set up by the Holt organisation in the county of Constan]a and in the city of Bucharest meant for that time (the years 1993-1994) an important point in the experimentation of a new
alternative to institutionalisation, as well as on the practice of foster care in Romania (UNICEF, 1997). This experience built the foundations for the development and the diversification of foster care in Romania; at the same time, this programme was also a guide for best practices and the set-up of the frameworks for legislation development and implementation. The analysis made
following the implementation of foster care, especially for the very young child, highlighted the social advantages of the child who enters foster care and the economic efficiency by comparison with the residential care system.