Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 60/2018/martie



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1 Creating an Inclusive Digital School District in a Northern Italian Urban Periphery 7217
2 The Impacts of Leadership Styles on Work Performances and Organizational Innovations in the Financial Distress Industry 28821
3 Performance Evaluation of Digital Marketing in Health Care Industry with the Application of Data Envelopment Analysis 7364
4 The Role of Family in Medical Rehabilitation 8001
5 The Socio-Economic Burden of Untreated Hepatitis C Virus Infected Patients in the Era of New Interferon-Free Therapy 7839
6 The Motivation toward Learning among Czech High School Students and Infl uence of Selected Variables on Motivation 7431
7 Age and Gender’s Interactive Eff ects on Adult Learners’ Help-Seeking Behavior 7522
8 Pricing of Sugar Beet Based Biofuels in Turkish Energy Market 7736
9 The Transformation of Organizational Partnership in the Management of Common-pool Resource: A Case Study of Marine Protected Areas in Green Island, Taiwan 7187
10 Impact of Famagusta Port Effi ciency on North Cyprus Economic Development 7150
11 Buttressing Strategy: A Theory to Understand the Neopatriarchal Unconscious of Iranian Society / Cinema 7340
12 Social and Medical Ethics: Implications for Romanian Protocols Regarding the Therapy of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome in Trauma Patients 7427
13 Genetic Screening of Deaf Children: Ethical Considerations 7473
14 Old People in Romanian New Media: from Undermined Identities to Social Death. A Case Study 7169