Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 51/2015/Decembrie

Guest Editors:

Pere AMOROS MARTI, University of Barcelona, Spain.

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1 The Influence of Situational Awareness on Social Cohesion in Neighborhoods with Social Difficulties 9194
2 A Retrospective Study about Institutionalized Elderly Life Conditions in Three Social Care Centers 9480
3 Prevalence of Alcohol-Related Medical Problems among Excessive and Heavy-Drinking Women in a Romanian Emergency Hospital 8900
4 Characteristics of Cognitive Disorders in Schizophrenia and their Relation to the Social, Familial and Professional Adaptation Level 8982
5 Actual Tendency in Institutionalization of Patients with Schizophrenia 9265
6 High School Students’ Perceptions of Classroom Learning Environments in an EFL Context 10312
7 Social Issues and Medical Challenges in Optimising Access and Outcome of Assisted Reproductive Technology Procedures 9136
8 Transformational Leadership and Performance in the Romanian Public Administration 9537
9 The Impact of Social Networks on the Individuals as well as Socio-Cultural Stereotypes and Social Dependence on this Source 10088
10 Are Rural Residents’ Mental Health Influenced by the New Countryside Construction? An Investigation in Chongqing, China 9048
11 Is it Desirable or Useful to Believe in a Just World? 9327
12 Teenage Mothers, an Increasing Social Phenomenon in Romania. Causes, Consequences and Solutions 10476
13 Improvement of Health Care for Socially Disadvantaged Children with Cleft Lip and Palate Anomaly by Using Proper Radiologic Examinations 9308
14 Dual Effects of Managerial Pro-Social Rule Breaking on Employee Behavior in the Chinese Context 9082
15 Age Based Digital Divide in the City of Iasi 9579
16 Effects of Personality Traits on Quality of Service of Service Staff in Catering Industry – Aspect of Emotional Labor 8900
17 Positive Parenting: Lessons from Research 10032
18 Analysis on Management Measures of Corporate Social Responsibility of Supply Chain 9265