Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 65/2019/iunie



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1 The Exploration of the Sources of Parenting Beliefs in Taiwan 5190
2 Factors in Residence Satisfaction of Elderly from Nursing Homes: Evidence from China 5156
3 Depression at the Third Age 5642
4 Critical Factors in the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Establish Health Care Systems for Seniors 4893
5 Multicultural Personality Traits and Employee-Perceived Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry: The Mediating Role of Cross-Cultural Psychological Capital 4990
6 Decision Support for Resource Optimization Using Discrete Event Simulation in Rehabilitation Hospitals 4882
7 The Medical Education and Rehabilitation of Patients with Ischaemic Stroke 5229
8 The Serotonin-Dopamine Relationship on the Aggression-Suicidal Risk Axis in Patients with Major Depression Disorder: Describing Some Social Implications 5353
9 Research on the Psychological Mechanism of Trauma Writing in Ha Jin's New Immigrant Novels 4956
10 Particularities of Suicidal Behavior in Depressive Spectrum 5023
11 Education Equity in Special Education Transfer Payments to Low-income Groups 5070
12 High school students’ Perceptions of Global Citizenship in Central Public High Schools: Implications for Teacher Educators 5281
13 Relationship between Organizational Improvisation and Organizational Creativity under Multiple Regression Analysis 5075
14 What Accounts for the Structural Changes: Good Policies, Good Practices or Good Luck? A Decomposition Analysis for the Recent Chinese Economy 4874
15 Research on the Identification Mechanism of University Young Teachers' Political Institutional based on Binary Logistic Regression Analysis 4739
16 Correlation Study on Grammatical Sensitivity Test Indexes in Intercultural Communication 5090
17 The Impact of Training and Development Programs on the Banking Personnel 5306
18 Innovation Mode and Effective Ways of Realizing Rural Public Management under Accurate Poverty Alleviation 4823
19 Recycling Food to Promote Social Inclusion. An Empirical Evidence 4959
20 Social Self-Organization Evolution Path of Photovoltaic Industry Chain System 5187
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