Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 83/2023/Decembrie



# Titre de l'article Clics
1 Social and Cultural Intervention through Dance for Promoting Values in Multicultural Contexts 404
2 An Investigation of the Music Education Reform on Muscular Disease Prevention and Treatment: Case on Piano Teaching Method at Juilliard Music School 347
3 Effects of Open Teaching Model on Dance-Major College Students’ Inquiry Skills and Learning Effectiveness 343
4 Medical Tourism: A Concept, Implementation and Challenge in Organization of the Islamic Cooperation 347
5 Effects of Sports Event Tourism Service on Social Imagery and Socioeconomic Benefit 329
6 Research Status and Trend of Family Finance-Based on Visual Analysis of Journal Papers from CNKI and WOS 345
7 Trying to Build Shared Education in a Divided Society – Jewish Arab Bilingual Schools in Israel 331
8 Effects of Servant Leadership on Employees’ Collective Strategic Vision and Organizational Innovation Performance in Healthcare Industry 330
9 Effects of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Identification and Adaptive Performance in Health Care Industry 313
10 A Case Study of the Consequences of Political Participation on Communities: North and South Cyprus Sample 482
11 Strengthening Cooperation between the Civilian and Military Sectors In the Context of State Security: Benefits and Challenges 320
12 Effects of National Easing Monetary Policy on Chinese Enterprises’ Investment 302
13 The Gen Z’s Digital Payment Loyalty in Indonesia 392
14 A Study on the Innovative Entrepreneurship Teaching Ability Training of University Teachers in China – A Case of Universities in Shaanxi 311