Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 64/2019/martie



Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 Demystifying Disruptive Innovation Phenomenon: Economic and Societal Impacts 520
2 Based on Work Value to Discuss the Effect of College Students’ Corporate Internship on the Employability 471
3 Key Factors in Supply Chain Financial Credit in Logistics Industry 424
4 Based on Fund Managers’ Emotional Labor to Discuss the Effect of Social Network on Work Performance 415
5 Analyzing for Effective Entrepreneurship Strategy: A Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course 392
6 A Study of the Effect of Service Recovery on Customer Loyalty Based On Marketing Word Of Mouth in Tourism Industry 381
7 Methodology for the Development of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance Based on Employees’ Professional Competence 381
8 Interaction between the Knowledge Sharing on Innovation Behavior Based on the Viewpoint of Team Diversity: Empirical Research from China 372
9 Development of the Organizational Resources towards Innovation Strategy and Innovation Value: Empirical Study 366
10 Research of Media industry's Expatriates’ Cross-Culture Adjustment on the Job Involvement and Work Stress: The Impact of Relatedness 360
11 Evaluation of Operation Efficiency of High-Tech Industry with Application of Data Envelopment Analysis 377
12 The Influence of Work-Family Conflict on Taiwanese Expatriates' Burnout and Turnover Intention in China: Guanxi as a Moderator 345
13 Human Capital and Organizational Performance Based on Organizational Innovation: Empirical Study on China 362
14 Effects of Leaders’ Positive/Negative Emotional Expression on Subordinates’ Voice Behavior: Mediation Effect of Subordinates’ Liking to Superiors 344
15 Relationships between Different Types of Servitization and Operational Performance: Considering the Effect of Cross-Function Integration 331
16 The Impact of Seniors’ Health Food Product Knowledge on the Perceived Value and Purchase Intention 340
17 Factors Affecting Service Innovation, Customer Value toward Customer Satisfaction: Case on Health Care Industry 363
18 A Study on Information Multimedia Integrated Introductory Course of Internet of Vehicles to Students’ Self-Efficacy and Learning Effect 361
19 A Study on the Correlation between Working Pressure and Job Satisfaction from the Viewpoint of Work Exhaustion 354
20 Disposition Effect in Currency Trading: an Evidence from Experimental Student Games 337
21 The Impacts of Supplier-Base Concentration on Bullwhip Effect: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms 403
22 The Mechanism and Empirical Study of Village Rules in Rural Revitalization and Ecological Governance 384
23 Redefining the Boundaries: Studies on the LGBTI-Themed Graffiti in the Streets of Nicosia 374
24 Research on the “Double” Motive in the Novel Blueprint 425
25 Analysis of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Speech Perception Model & the Perception of Second Language Prosody 377
26 Duopoly, Optimal Proportion of State-Owned Shares and International Cross-Ownership 366