Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 72/2021/Martie



Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 A New Perspective on Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Intellectual and Emotional Characteristics of Science Teachers 1538
2 A Study of Effects of E-Learning Based Exploratory Education on Students’ Self-Efficacy and Interpersonal Relationship 443
3 Correlation Research on the Practice of School Administrative Ethics and Teachers’ Job Morale and Job Involvement 387
4 The Relationship between the Creativity Levels of Music Pre-service Teachers and the Preferences of a Teacher Model Supporting Creativity 455
5 Research on the Balance of University Education Reform from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform 338
6 The Impact of School Principals on Teachers’ Organizational Culture Perceptions and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors 405
7 Relationship among Reverse Logistics, Corporate Image and Social Impact in Medical Device Industry 349
8 The Correlations among Social Interaction, Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Capability- Case on Medical Technology Industry 405
9 Evaluating of the Promotion of Strategic Alliance of Medical Devices Industry with Data Envelopment Analysis 331
10 An Empirical Study of Green Marketing on Perceived Value based on Brand Image in Smart Health Care Industry 359
11 A Study of the Relevance between Service Design and Consumer-Perceived Value Based On Social Marketing in Cultural and Creative Industry 329
12 Effects of Social Responsibility and Corporate Image on Online Word of Mouth in Cultural and Creative MICE industry 315
13 Use of Social Media for Political Purposes: The Case of Diyarbakir 407
14 The Crisis in the Rise of Representative Liberal Democracy to Populist Authoritarianism with Post-Truth Politics 368
15 Student Self-Efficacy on Personal and Social Responsibility within A Sport Education Model 419
16 Intervention of a Physical Movement Program “Body Management in Safe Ranges” Enhances Self-Management in Aging 385
17 Effects of Teaching Games for Understanding Integrated Sport Education Model on College Students’ Football Cognitive Performance and Motor Skills 374
18 Blended Learning - The Efficiency of Video Resources and YouTube in the Modern Dental Education 423
19 Ethical Issues, Discrimination and Social Responsibility Related to HIV-Infected Patients 374
20 The Importance of Customized Biometric Correlations in the Prevention of Growth and Development Disorders – A Determining Factor in the Social Integration of Children and Adolescents with Mental Disabilities 380
21 Sleep Disturbances and Their Impact on Socio-Professional Capacities in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea 373
22 Cross-cultural Perspective of Ethnic Cultural Changes in Panxi Region of China 319
23 The Impact of China’s Urbanization Level on Household Consumption 346
24 Impact of Goal Orientation and Information Elaboration on the Performance of Farmer Cooperatives under Rural Revitalization 332