Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 62/2018/septembrie



Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 Investigating Attitudes towards a Bilingual Education Curriculum: A Scale Development Study 93
2 Research on the Infl uence of Heterogeneity of University Teacher Team and Knowledge Governance on Innovation Ecology in Colleges 108
3 An Empirical Study on the Relationship between the Development of Vocational Education and the Upgrading of Industrial Structure in China 84
4 Comparison of Comprehension and Remembering from the Lead and Body Parts of Online News 64
5 The Effect of Work Adjustment on Job Involvement of Librarians based on Work Value 81
6 The Economic Consequences of Working While Receiving a Full Pension 69
7 Empirical Study on the Interaction between Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance in Tourism Listed Companies 67
8 Correlation between Innovation Strategy and Operational Performance in Tourism based on Competitive Advantage 73
9 Impact of Nutritional Supplements and Food for Weight Reduction on Body Composition of Adults 79
10 The Effect of Communication Skills Training Program on Teachers’ Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Loneliness Levels 83
11 The Impact of TV Exposure and Computer Use on Obese Adolescents 72
12 The Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Anxiety Symptoms 67
13 The Effect of Intrapreneurship and Organizational Factors on the Innovation Performance in Hospital 138
14 The Correlation between Investor Anxiety, Preference, and Investment Performance Based on Risks of Investment 63
15 Social Capital, Sense of Virtual Community, and Network Group Behavior: An Empirical Study based on Virtual Community Users 67
16 Social Security Expenditure, Demographic Structural Changes, and Urban–Rural Income Gap in China: Evidence from the Provincial Data 67
17 Systematic Test of Equivalence Procedure: New Method to Investigate Cross-Cultural Validity 59
18 (De)Securitization of Islam in Turkey 543
19 Research on Tourism Planning Education Model in Innovative Economy under the Background of Big Data 72
20 Sustainability of Exhibition Halls while adapting to Design Concept and Technology in Museums: St. Barnabas Icon and Archaeological Museum Examples 90
21 Don’t Steal Our Right to Vote! A Comparative Analysis of the Electoral Protests in Romania and Moldova 66