Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 58/2017/Septembrie


Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 Asian International Students’ Beliefs about Psychologists’ International Competencies and Services 5
2 Quality of Life and Social Justice in Romania: Measuring Quality of Life 7
3 Sex Work and Social Inequalities in the Health of Foreign Migrant Women in Almeria, Spain 6
4 Communication Strategy on Oral Health Education for Adolescents 5
5 Connection between Alcohol Consumption and Aggression in a Population of Romanian Students 11
6 Psychosocial Outcomes in Home-Based Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Programmes 4
7 European Union Regional Policy and Evaluation of Turkey’s Harmonisation 3
8 Sky Glamour: Customers’ Expected Aesthetic Characteristics Considering Cabin Crew and Passenger Perspectives 25
9 Effect of Managers’ Organizational Justice Understanding on the Level of Employees’ Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction 4
10 Educational Level Influence on Dental Patients Attitude towards Infection Control 6
11 The Environmental Performance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Food Safety of Food Companies from the Perspective of Green Finance 3
12 Considerations on the Role of Palliative Care in the Mourning Period 5
13 Nostalgia, Myth, Nationalism: The Postcolonial Nostalgia for “British” Cyprus 4
14 The Social Meaning of Death and its Implications for Organ Procurement 5