Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 71/2020/Decembrie



# Article Title Hits
1 Teachers’ Perspectives and Attitudes towards Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) 711
2 Examining the Relationship between Organizational Commitment and Organizational Silence of Teachers 646
3 An Empirical Study of Teacher-Student Interaction in College English Classroom from the Perspective of Educational Equality 598
4 Why and How Do University Students Use Facebook in Everyday Life? 570
5 Information Technology Gifted Program under the National Curriculum Reform of Basic Education: A Case Study on a Senior High-School in Shanghai, China 466
6 Analysis Models of Pupil Class Collectives Focused on Efficiency of the Educational Process 494
7 Effects of Facilitating Reflection Teaching Integrated Sport Education on Baseball Team Students’ Critical Thinking Disposition and Game Performance 498
8 Effects of TPSR Integrated Sport Education Model on Football Lesson Students’ Responsibility and Exercise Self-Efficacy 463
9 Promoting Oral Health through Education and Prevention Programs 500
10 Quality of Life and Social Impact in Patiens with Laryngeal Tumors after Radiotherapy 496
11 Effects of Social Comparison Effect on Self-Efficacy and Subjective Well-Being of Employees - Case on Medical Industry 491
12 Effects of Patent Right and Innovation Diversity on Business Performance in Biomedical Industry 487
13 Study on the Correlation between Social Norm and Pro-Environmental Behavior of Employees in Health Care Industry – Viewpoint of Personality Trait 457
14 Based On Social Capital to Discuss the Correlation between Internal Marketing Strategy and Employees’ Job Satisfaction in Medical Equipment Industry 505
15 Sustainability of CSR on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Work Engagement and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Iraq 571
16 Analysis of the Effect of Social Support on Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Tourism Industry – Based on the Perspective of Living-Ecology-Production Integrated Space 412
17 The Influence of Information Disclosure of Social Networking Site on Consumers’ Food Safety Perception in Tourism Factories 461
18 Comparison of Expectations and Perceptions of Resident European Union (EU) Citizens about Hospital Service Quality in Their Home Countries and Turkey 608
19 Social Perspective for Family Functions in Society 494
20 The Impact of Family on School Achievement 525
21 The Effects of Group Counseling with Gestalt Therapy in Reducing Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Traumatized People 539
22 Effects of Involving Specialists in Human Trafficking Victim Support and Protection 421
23 The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Employee’s Counterwork Behavior and Organizational Commitment: Mediating Role of Transformational Leadership 498
24 Research on the Impact of Agricultural Enterprise’s Social Responsibility on Enterprise's Continuous Innovation 416
25 The Effects of Empathy, Social Structure and Social Environment on Individuals’ Moral Behavior Choices in China 463
26 Illness Representation among Adolescents: A Qualitative Approach 474