Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 63/2018/decembrie



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1 CFPS Empirical Study on the Infl uence of Young Parents’ Divorce on Children’s Development in Contemporary China 5463
2 The Effect of Gender and Gender-Dependent Factors on the Default Risk 5761
3 Research of Female Supervisors’ Personality Traits on the Leadership Styles and Organizational Commitment: The Impact of Relatedness 5138
4 Construction of Culture Soft Power and a Community of Shared Future 5927
5 Determination of the Objectives of Global Citizenship Education Curriculum According to Delphi Technique 5075
6 The Mechanism of Ideological-Political Education Exchange and Sharing Platform in colleges under the New Media Era Based on Internet WEB Technology 4967
7 An Analysis on Higher Music Education Models in China 5597
8 Research and Empirical Analysis of Supply Chain Integration Dynamic Model and Control in Supply Side 5016
9 A Combination of Hidden Markov Model and Association Analysis for Stock Market Sector Rotation 5108
10 The Relationship between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Jilin Province: An Empirical Analysis Based on 1980 - 2013 Data 5018
11 Financing Efficiency of China’s New Energy Industry Based on DEA Model and Its Influencing Factors 5029
12 Rural Residents’ Income Structure, Population Aging and Tourism Consumption: Evidence from China 5017
13 How Culture Influences the Perception of Serious Diseases 5112
14 Study on the Satisfaction of Consumers with Online Ordering Services and Its Influencing Factors in O2O mode: A Microcosmic Perspective on the Provision of Takeout Services 5554
15 Democracy in Turkey Press Freedom and Corruption 5224
16 European Union Mobility, Income and Brain Drain. The Attitudes towards Migration of Romanian Psychiatric Trainees 5513
17 Interaction between the Employees’ Psychological Capital on Job Involvement Based on Job Satisfaction in Medical Industry: Empirical Research from China 4934
18 Ethical Dilemmas in the Interdisciplinary Approach to Informed Consent to Patients in Physiotherapy Services in Romania 5196
19 Applying Data Envelopment Analysis to Evaluate Financial Leasing Performance of Medical Device Industry in China 4770
20 Video Mapping Applications in the New Media Art 5060
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