Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 76/2022/martie



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Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 The Effect of Self-Rated Health Status and Health Behaviour on Medical Resource Utilization of the Elderly 2002
2 Financial and Consumption Habits and Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Short-Term Study of Argentina, Chile and Colombia 1917
3 Interpersonal Emotion Regulation Strategies and Anticipated Emotions in Couples: A Mixed Method Approach 1924
4 Basics of Historical Knowledge as a Key Concept of Education: Case of Kazakhstan 2010
5 The Effect of Scholarships on University Persistence: A Case Study 1982
6 Research Relationship of Rural Population and Number of Agricultural Enterprises 1976
7 Adverse Childhood Experiences Related to Cognitive and Emotional States: A study on Sexual Offenders in Italy and Portugal 2026
8 Using Online Platforms to Educate University Students in India to Raise Awareness about Covid-19: An Interventional Pilot Study 2047
9 Societal Progress Indicators and Co-Responsibility for All a Possible Answer to Sustainable Social and Economic Development during the Global Pandemic 2318
10 School Segregation and Educational Equity. Institutionalization of School Segregation Monitoring, a Sine Qua Non Prerequisite for Policies to Promote Educational Equity 1923