Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 67/2019/Decembrie



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1 Relationship between Parenting Style and Anxiety in a Spanish Children Sample 1334
2 Towards an Integrated Social Policy in Post-December Romania: Between Aspiration and Reality 1144
3 What Do Romanian Couples Talk About on a Daily Basis? A Mixed Method Approach 1274
4 Social Support: A Factor of Protection against Stress during Adolescence 1215
5 VB2ALGO: An Educational Reverse Engineering Tool to Enhance High School Students’ Learning Capacities in Programming 1689
6 Correlations among Knowledge Outsourcing and Organizational Culture, Organizational Performance in Public Sectors 1160
7 Effects of Leverage Ratio on Corporate Research and Development Expenditure of Small and Medium Enterprises 1080
8 The Effect of Museum Education Practices Carried out on Virtual Teaching Environments on Prospective Teachers' Views 1151
9 Difference in the Perception of Aesthetic Labour of Airlines and High-speed Rail Cabin Occupants between Industry and Academia: Discussion on Cross-Curricular Credit Programs 1094
10 The Relationship between Exposure to Mobbing and Job Satisfaction among Healthcare Professionals in Northern Cyprus 1151
11 Development Efficiency of Leisure Agriculture Based on DEA Model in the Background of Rural Revitalization 1078
12 The Importance of Intra-Family Conflict Resolution Strategies: Case of a TV Serial 1118
13 Medicine Pricing, Optimal Patent Length and Social Welfare 1029
14 Hormonal Contraception in Teenager Girls. The Role of Counseling to Ensure Effective Contraceptive Use 1134
15 Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Performance – The Mediating Role of Students’ Achievement Goals 1132