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The market of ecological products (1)

The market of ecological products


Vasile Miftode
Adrian Lupu
Romeo Asiminei


Lumen, 2005

Cod CED: 1584-5397-11(01)
Dimensiuni pp. 1493-1512


Ecological agriculture has emerged in Europe mainly as a result of the population`s distrust of alimentary safety measures, as well as following sickenings caused by the comsumption of noxious products (dioxin, trichinae, salmonellae, type O157 E. coli, influenza virus, prion etc.). Since a great number of sickenings were caused by intensive, industrial technologies based on pushing production through the over-fertilization of agricultural lands and the use of biostimulators (antibiotics, hormones etc.) in animal nutrition, there came up a new and fairly strong requirement which turned into a truly European movement towards the production of agricultural alimentary products through clean and uncontaminating technologies. At the basis of ecological production lies the fact that the main cause for the degradation of the biological quality of products is human improper intervention at various structural levels of the biosphere. The worst effects on humans result from a range of mistakes regarding soil, flora and fauna. Ecological agriculture focuse on the natural quality of products, rather than quantitative aspects and productivity. The establishment of new principles immediately brought up specialized businesses that provide such products distinctly labelled which are sold at high prices.