Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 69/2020/Iunie



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1 The Analysis of Social Support Level in Foster Families in the Context of Their Leisure Time Activities 3645
2 Parental Involvement in Early Second Language Learning: The Role of the Immediate Environment 3622
3 Self-esteem, Bullying Perpetration/Victimization and Perceived Parental Support in a Nationally Representative Sample of Australian Students 3495
4 Correlations among Relocation Stress, Health Conditions, and Life Adjustment of the Elderly in Long-Term Care Institutions 3269
5 The Relative Influence of Total Reward on Retention of Human Resources 3586
6 The Influence of Sustainable Talent Management on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment: Moderating Role of In-service Training 5250
7 A Study of the Effect of Social Responsibility on Cost of Capital and Reputation of a Retailing Company 3237
8 The Research and Evaluation of Customer Relationship Management and Social Responsibility on Competitive Advantage 3309
9 Knowledge of Adolescent Girls regarding Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Study in a Rural Area from North-Eastern Romania 3449
10 Digital Leisure in Later Life: Facebook Use among Romanian Senior Citizens 3746
11 Gamification Education for Parents: Effects on Motivation and Communication 3694
12 An Integration of Internet IPR Synchronous Teaching on Learning Outcomes 3535
13 The Influence and Effect of Digital Divide on Students Purchase: Comparison of Urban and Rural Cases 3356
14 Effects of Social Capital and Knowledge Integration on Innovation Performance: An Example of Virtual Teams 3704
15 Characteristics of Social Governing Organizations and Governance of Emergent Public Security Events from the Perspective of Public Safety 3264
16 Social Implications for Psychiatric Pathology of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders, Alcohol Addiction and Psychotic Disorders during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Romania. Analysis of two Relevant Psychiatry Hospitals 3387
17 Effects of Personal Just World Belief on Professional Growth and Well-Being of Preschool Teachers 3339
18 Get Ready For Gen Z, Our Next Generation of Medical Students 3475
19 School Principals' Performance and Its Relationship with Teachers' Organizational Citizenship Behavior 3398
20 Effects of Environmental Education and Environmental Facilities on Visitors’ Environmental Literacy - A Case of Rural Tourism 3256
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