Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 33/2011/Iunie

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1 What is the effect of grade point average (GPA) on courses taken either face-to-face or online by undergraduate working adult students? 10176
2 The effect of Appreciative Inquiry as organizational development intervention on organizational planning and service quality improvement in St. Francis School (ICSE) 9265
3 Social entrepreneurship, social enterprise and the principles of a community of practice 10988
4 Appreciative Inquiry based organization development intervention process on satisfaction and engagement of senior patients and sustainability of Sukavet Institution: a case study of nursing home 9717
5 How sociability and trust impact on welfare attitudes. A cross-european analysis 10887
6 Census of India 2011 and the issues of national security: a dangerous gambit 10135
7 Sexual and reproductive behaviors of the indigenous women: findings from Mexico 10217
8 Using triangulation in targeting social interventions for at-risk-children 10089
9 Human Development in Romania in the Context of the New Methodological Approaches 9955
10 Social skills, nonverbal sensitivity and academic success. The key role of centrality in student networks for higher grades achievement 10263
11 Socio-economic factors and hygienic food-illness involved in determining dental caries of 12-year-old children in rural and urban area 10416
12 On the need for a model of social responsibility and public action as an ethical base for adequate, ethical and efficient resource allocation in the public health system of Romania 9814
13 Exposure to cold environments at working places and cardiovasculare disease 10018
14 The deprivatization of family and its effects on parenting in Romania 9513