Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 47/2014/Decembrie

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1 Analysis and Impact of the Economic Crisis and Regulatory Changes in the Needs and Benefits System Municipal Social Services: Analysis Case of Murcia-Spain 71620
2 The Impact of the Great Recession on Social Spending in Romania 16492
3 The Effects Induced by the Recent Economic Crisis on the Labour Market Policies in Romania 20668
4 Effects of Crisis Leadership in Public Sectors on Satisfaction with Post-Disaster Recovery 13767
5 Research on Management Capacity of Medical Units for Addicts to Deliver Quality Services in Time of Crisis 13218
6 The Economic Crisis Effects on the Cross-Contamination Control in Dental Laboratories 13599
7 Do Friendship and Intimacy in Virtual Communications Exist? An Investigation of Online Friendship and Intimacy in the Context of Hidden Youth in Hong Kong 13834
8 Postponement of Motherhood in Romania: The Role of Educational Attainment 13927
9 Characteristics and Scope of Youth Domestic Violence Exposure in Slovenia 13215
10 In Celebration of Creativity Play: an Exploration on Children’s Aesthetic Sensibility and Creativity in Waldorf Early Childhood Education 13617
11 Internationalisation of Family Firm: The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Ownership and Generational Involvement 13096
12 A Study on the Correlations between Environmental Attributes and Place Attachment 13310
13 The Influences of University Interns’ Job Characteristics, Work Value, and Job Performance 13294
14 Effects of Service Innovation on Oral Spreading and Consumption Intention in Catering Industry 13660
15 Dynamics of Industrial Cluster Scenarios 13979
16 A Study on the Correlations among Psychological Contract, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Performance in the Hotel Industry 13321
17 The Portrait of a Good Doctor: Conclusions from a Patients and Medical Students Survey 13899
18 A Comparative Analysis of the Attitudes of Bulgarian and Romanian Stakeholders towards Living Organ Donation 13364
19 The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors for Teacher Motivation 18610
20 Measures of Social Assistance Activated within the Romanian Educational Environment: Developments during the Recent Economic Crisis 13381