Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 46/2014/Septembrie

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1 Conditions for Effective Children’s Participation, according to Children’s Voices 10363
2 Effectiveness of Tablet PCs in the Classroom: A Turkish Case 10986
3 Psychological Predictors and Mediators of Subjective Well-being in a Sample of Romanian Teachers 10420
4 Critical Success Factors in Cultural Innovative Society Construction 10714
5 An Investigation of Metaphors on the Concept of Teacher among Preservice Turkish Teachers 9852
6 Perceived Importance of Communication Skills and their Predictive Value for Academic Performance 12778
7 A Comparative Study between the United States and Turkey on Teachers’ Lesson Planning Effort 10270
8 Effects of Organizational Commitment on Career Satisfaction of Employees and Work Value in Catering Industry 10539
9 Social Interactions in Rural Tourism: A Host Perspective Case Study 10648
10 Blood Alcohol Concentration in Suicide: A 10 Years Study 10775
11 Biopsychosocial Implications Related to the Breast Cancer in Young Women 10045
12 Parents’ perception of Effective Components of a Parenting Programme for Parents of Adolescents in Hong Kong 9560
13 A Support Group for Breast Cancer Patients: Benefits and Risks 10069
14 European Mental Images and Professional Identity in the Initial Primary Teacher Education 9875
15 The Active Role of Community-Based Organizations in the Local Redefinition of National Policies 9825
16 Corporate Governance Intervention for a Sustainable Socio-Economic Model 9507
17 Child Care in Post-communist Romania between Familialist Ideology, Labour Market and Gender Roles 12024
18 Towards a Practical Communication Intervention 43825
19 Commune and Procedural Level Challenges and Limitations in Conducting Social Research in Malaysia: A Case of Disabled People 18941
20 Triangulation and Results Restitution in Social Service Needs Assessment 10323