Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 59/2017/Decembrie



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# Titre de l'article Clics
1 Lights and Shadows of Job and Social Rehabilitation of Prisoners. REINCORPORA Program Outcomes and Results Study 6248
2 Romanian Immigrants in Italy: Mental Health and Potential Protective and Vulnerability Factors 4537
3 Academic Value of Bilingual Education: Factors in Learning on Culture and Language 5249
4 Accessibility to Dental Health Care: Risk Factor in Oral Health at Rural Area Community 4758
5 Arterial Hypertension Prevalence in a Romanian Rural Community: Correlations with Social and Economic Status, Age and Gender 4760
6 The Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Discuss the Performance Evaluation of Cultural & Creative Industries Parks 4939
7 The Role of Social Media as a Negotiation Sphere for ‘Public Good’: The Case North Cyprus 5403
8 A Study of the Effects of Repatriate Management on Knowledge Dissemination and Knowledge Sharing Behavior in International Businesses 4958
9 Role of Culture on the Relationships between Trust, Commitment and Corporate Citizenship 4837
10 A Study of the Leverage Pro-Cyclical Behavior and Asymmetry of Commercial Banks in China 4882
11 Clientele vs. Status Seeking? Subject Field Choice in Higher Education in the Hungarian- Romanian Cross-border Region 5034
12 Metaphorical Perceptions of School Administrators about Social Capital 4325
13 The General and Oral Health Status in Older Adults from Rural Environment of Iasi County, Romania 4455
14 Statistical Analysis and Simulation of Orthostatic Position by Means of the Pedometer in Patients with Hyperkyphosis 4524
15 Teachers’ Perceptions about Political Commitment 4424
16 Public Security Expenditure, Education Investment, and Social Stability: An Empirical Analysis Based on Provincial Panel Data from China 4657
17 Positive Thinking as a Moral and Existential Virtue 4649
18 Psycho-emotional Comfort of the Patient: Condition of Therapeutic Success in Outpatient Dento-Alveolar Surgery 4438
19 Hospital Organizational Ethics 4688