Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 45/2014/Iunie

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Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 Implementing Sport for Peace Principles with Elementary School Student Leaders 9102
2 Perceived Characteristics of Aggressiveness in Male Adolescent Athletes and Nonathletes 9420
3 The Issue of Attracting Students to the Practice of Sports 9319
4 The Implications of Physical Education and Sport in the Moral Education of High School Students 9131
5 Cultural Values of Traditionality / Modernity: Their Differential Impacts on Marital Conflict and Marital Satisfaction among Female and Male Migrant Workers in China 9584
6 The Perception of Community Social Support among Young Foreign-Born People in Catalonia 9792
7 Socio-Demographic Characteristics and the Frequency of Sexually-Transmitted or Blood-Transmitted Diseases with the Imprisoned Population of the Prisons in Northern Moldavia 9444
8 An insight into Factors Militating against Nigerian Students’ attainment in English Language Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination 10391
9 Social Implications of Nutritional Status and Consequences on Cardiovascular Risk Disease among Undergraduate Trained Students 9411
10 Physical Activity and Pulmonary Diseases. A Systematic Review 9937
11 Promoting Resilience through Technology, Art and a Child Rights-Based Approach 10528
12 Health Protection and International Relations. A Postmodernist Approach 9985
13 Current Perspectives in Stress Research and Cardiometabolic Risk 10176
14 Putting Society at Heart: Socializing Innovation Concept 10396
15 Supervision of Child Social Care Teams: A Method to Ensure Quality Services 9770
16 A Chance for Roma Children: „Children of Promise” Foundation 9963
17 Socioeconomic Status and Psychological Factors Involved in Suicide 10183
18 New Models and Modern Instruments in the Development of Social Services 9596