Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 73/2021/Iunie



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1 Factors that the Effect of Social Welfare Service on Poor Family Stress Reduction 3343
2 A Study on the Relations among Work Pressure, Emotional Intelligence, and Subjective Well-Being of Kindergarten Teachers 3066
3 Ethical Leadership Role and Behaviors of Teachers in the Context of Effective Classroom Management 3034
4 A Study of the Influence of Campus Ecological Environment Integrated Art Education on Learning Attitudes and Effectiveness 2750
5 The Practice of Project-Based Learning to Outdoor Ecological Education on the Promotion of Students’ Problem-Solving Capability 2811
6 Evaluation Principles' Influence of Critical Thinking Foreign Language Teaching on German Literature Classroom Learning Motivation 2944
7 The Strength of Motivation of Medical Students in Romania in the Context of Migration Opportunities 3176
8 A Review of Multicultural Education in Northern Cyprus and Turkish Learning Levels of Students from Different Cultural Backgrounds 2899
9 The Effect of Museum Education Practices Integrated with Virtual Teaching Environments on Achievement Levels of Preschool Teacher Candidates during the Pandemic 2908
10 Community, Social Capital and Festivals. A Pandemic Perspective 3007
11 Individual’s Use of Leisure and Social Media: The Case of Northern Cyprus 4187
12 Countermeasures for the Revitalization and Development of Rural Industries in Poverty-stricken Areas under the Background of Policy Transfer 2762
13 The Impacts and Decision of Community-friendly Corporate Social Responsibility Based on the Duopoly Model 2908
14 Based on AHP to Discuss Critical Factors in Open Government Data 2977
15 Critical Factors in Central Government Information and Data Governance - Empirical Study 3022
16 Influence Factors in the Effectiveness of National Defense Anti-Corruption Governance 2917
17 Effect of Applying Case Method to Anti-Corruption Education on Learning Motivation and Learning Effectiveness 2928
18 Empirical Study on the Effects of the Application of Virtual Reality to Experiential Education on Students’ Learning Attitude and Learning Effectiveness 2844
19 Effects of Digital Media Integrated Reciprocal Teaching on Students’ Reading Ability and Motivation 2884
20 The Use of Information Technology for Smoking Cessation: Opinions of Romanian Patients from General Practitioners 2891
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