Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 36/2012/Martie

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Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 Development and validation of a Chinese family strengths measure for family services intervention in Hong Kong 12882
2 The role of language in constructing social realities. The Appreciative Inquiry and the reconstruction of organisational ideology 13571
3 Compliance with age limits for the sales of alcoholic beverages in Romania. Designing and evaluating a three year campaign 16644
4 Success local policies in preventing and reducing the alcohol consumption among youngters 13297
5 Transformational leadership in the public sector. A pilot study using MLQ to evaluate leadership style in Cluj county local authorities 13762
6 An empirical investigation of the students´ academic behaviour using a group matrix methodology 12365
7 The potential of the school for the future. Analysis of the Romanian school and institutional development strategies 12615
8 Religious in my own way: students’ religious relativism and self-actualizing values 13049
9 The role of religious beliefs and spirituality on the quality of life of rare diseases patients 12440
10 The role of religion in several Roma communities 13488
11 The food safety perception in Turkey: gender variation 13220
12 Difficulties and opportunities of the spiritual dimension in globalisation 12691
13 Going counter to the facts in program evaluation. Towards a counterfactual evaluation model (CEM) 12461
14 Book review: Ethics and the non-discrimination of vulnerable groups in the health system 12304