Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 53/2016/Iunie



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1 Trafficking of Women and Children in Mexico: An Assessment of Anti-Trafficking Laws 14617
2 Motives of Students from Mainland China Studying Abroad at Kinmen: An Exploratory Perspective 12125
3 Developing a Scale to Measure Prospective Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Belief in Value Education 12156
4 Exploration of Key Success Factors in Local Government Crisis Recovery 12253
5 Collaborative Action Research at the Training Center for Inclusive Education and Accessibility 11596
6 Key Success Factors in Resort Hotels Practicing Moving Experience 12895
7 Key Success Factors in the Business Model of B&B Industry in Taiwan 13435
8 Organizational Culture of the Public Sector. A Study of Romanian Public Organizations 12380
9 Validating a Measure of Forms and Functions of Aggression in Turkish Adolescents 12317
10 The Role of Brand Image in Buying Attitude of the Consumers: Northern Part of Cyprus Model 13854
11 Exploration on the Relationship between Occupational Stress and Well-being of the Junior Administrative Staff in Universities of China from the Perspective of Social Network 11777
12 Education Expenditure Index, Financial Depth Index and Economic Growth Causality Analysis: Case of North Cyprus 16727
13 Impacts of Optimism and Job Characteristics on Job Burnout among the Millennial Generation: Evidence from a Survey of Community Service Workers in Shaanxi, China 12064
14 The Cross-Section and Cyclical Analysis of Expected Stock Returns: Evidence from China’s A-Share Market 11325
15 Examining the Critical Factors Affecting Learning Finance Online 11655
16 “Ethics by Movie”. An Alternative Ethics Training Method for Future Professionals. A Pilot Study among Romanian Students 10948
17 Would Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Consumers’ Attitudes towards Brand and Purchase Behavior? Buyer-seller Guanxi as the Moderator 17050
18 Educational Employees’ Perceptions Regarding Changes in Educational Organizations 11855
19 Story behind the Closed Doors: Decent Work Practice among the Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore and Italy 11333
20 Postmodern Ethics and the Reconstruction of Authenticity in Communication-Based Society 11426