Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 49/2015/Iunie

Guest Editors:

Pere AMOROS MARTI, University of Barcelona, Spain.

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Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 The Influence of the Crisis on the Pillars of the Welfare State. The opinion of EU citizens 7931
2 The Transition to University of At-Risk Groups in Spain: The Case of Students from Vocational Education and Training 7521
3 Primary School Teachers’ Attitudes and Knowledge Levels on Democracy and Multicultural Education: A Scale Development Study 8193
4 Obesity in Primary Care – A Social and Integrative Therapeutical Attitude 8334
5 Associations between Area of Residence and Cardiovascular Risk 7874
6 The Impact of Public Health Care Services on the Patients’ Perception as Regards the Health Institutions Brand on the Background of the Health Reform in Romania 8232
7 The Socioeconomic Status – A Risk Factor for the Low Birth Weight 8170
8 Exploring the effects of Organizational Justice on Employees’ Innovative Behavior in Hospitality Industry from the Aspect of Organizational Support 7864
9 Tourism Education: Using Curriculum Mapping to Shorten the Gap between Learning and Applying 7893
10 Students’ Opinions about the Effectiveness of Guidance and Orientation Module in Turkey 8062
11 The Impacts of Perceived Market Orientation in Higher Education: Student as a Customer 8012
12 Crisis of the Welfare State: An Analysis of the Responses from Social Work 7775
13 The Role of Internal and External Social Capital in Crowdfunding: Evidence from China 8540
14 Psychosocial Implications of Childhood Obesity 8909
15 The Gap between Bioethics Principlism and Judicial Responsibility: How Social Sciences Can Help Romanian Law 7693
16 Communication between the Legislator and Society: The Case of Medicine and Healthcare in Romania 7387
17 The Social Role of Healthcare Technology 8021
18 Predictors of Institutionalization in Dementia 8346
19 Chronic Diseases – Medical and Social Aspects 8204