Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 66/2019/Septembrie



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1 Awareness of Same-Sex Relationships between Children in Romanian Long-Term Residential Centers 3486
2 Comprehensive Application Ability of College Students' Knowledge Structure and Skills under the Immersion Bilingual Teaching Mode 3422
3 Understanding EFL Learners’ Learning Motivational Regulation Strategies: An Exploratory Evidence from Students in a Chinese-foreign Cooperative Project 3551
4 A Comparative Study of the Effect of Bilingual Subtitles and English Subtitles on College English Teaching 3553
5 The Moderating Effect of Organizational Justice on the Relationship between Integrity and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Educational Institutions 3474
6 Toxic Leadership and Turnover Intention: Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction 4063
7 The Effect of the Application of Multimedia on Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Competitiveness 3365
8 Entrepreneurial Behaviors in the Hospitality Industry: Human Resources Management Practices and Leader Member Exchange Role 3413
9 Interaction between the Sustainable Innovation Capability on Patent Based On Entrepreneurial Culture: Empirical Research from China 3157
10 The Difference between Financial Support and International Capacity Cooperation under the “Belt and Road Initiative” 3325
11 Linguistic Ethnographic Investigation of Face Negotiations in Interaction 3563
12 After the Citizenization: Can Household Registration Change Eliminate the Consumption Gap? 3496
13 Romanian Rezist Protest. How Facebook Helps Fight Political Corruption 3648
14 Russia's “WeChat Diplomacy” to China from the Perspective of New Media-Taking the official WeChat of the Russian Embassy in China as an Example 3206
15 Multi-Group Symbiotic Evolution Mechanism in an Innovative Ecosystem: Evidence from China 3452
16 Measuring Green Brand Equity in Relationship Interactions and its Impact on Brand Loyalty 3188
17 Inaccuracy and Overconfidence in Metacognitive Monitoring of University Students 3402
18 Application of an Observation System in the Practice of Psychomotor Circuits in Early Education 3247
19 Effects of Different Stretching Strategies on Soccer Players’ Power, Speed, and Muscle Strength Performance 3352
20 Curriculum Changes in Secondary School Physical Education and Sport Subject in the Romanian Education System 3333
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