Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 44/2014/Martie

Guest Editors:

Maria Angels BALSELLS, University of Lleida, Faculty of Education, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Lleida, SPAIN.

Crescencia PASTOR, University of Barcelona, Faculty of Pedagogy, Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education, Barcelona, SPAIN.

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Nr. Titlu articol Afişări
1 The Teenage Nonviolence Test: A Factor Analytic Investigation 13110
2 Early Care Experiences and Later Functioning of Romanian Foster Children 13098
3 Youth, Protection and Education Today: Perceived Vulnerabilities, Statistical Issues, Perspectives 12901
4 Developing Alternative Understandings of Conflicts That Involve Delinquent Children through Life Space Crises Intervention 13333
5 The Shifting Reality of Repulsive Urban Areas between Public Perception and Crime. Case Study: Bucharest Municipality 13404
6 The Spatial Analysis of Hot Spots in Urban Areas of Iran. The Case Study: Yazd 14059
7 Influence of Daily Smoking Frequency on Passive Smoking Behaviors and Beliefs: Implications for Self-Tracking Practices and Mobile Applications 13095
8 Daily Tobacco Consumption and Binge Drinking in Roma Adolescents in Three Spanish Areas 14325
9 Socioeconomic Status and Psychological Factors in Patients with Essential Hypertension 14049
10 Determination of the Recreational Value of Botanic Gardens. A Case Study Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London 13329
11 Aspects of Industrial Heritage Tourism: Case of Novi Sad 14041
12 A Comparison of Organic Farming Support Policies in Turkey and the EU 14010
13 Cartography of the Banatian Identity Dynamics in the Last Decade: the Registers of Social Attitudes and Social Capital 13258
14 Corporate Governance Context on Women’s Representation in Top Management Positions and Listed Companies Value 13797
15 Use of Sf-36 Questionnaire in Evaluating the Quality Of Life of Hepatitis C Patients on Antiviral Therapy - Pilot Study 13751
16 The Management of the Human Resources in the Public Health System: The Complexity and the Euro-Global Socio-Economic Challenges 13335
17 The Effects of Traumatic Situations on Emergency Medicine Practitioners 14386
18 Major Language, Minor Destiny? The Space of Francophone Liberty 13548
19 The Importance of Image Management for a Good Society 14110
20 Methodological Challenges in Research Regarding the Lifestyle of School Children 13615