Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 58/2017/Septembrie


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1 Asian International Students’ Beliefs about Psychologists’ International Competencies and Services 4527
2 Quality of Life and Social Justice in Romania: Measuring Quality of Life 4879
3 Sex Work and Social Inequalities in the Health of Foreign Migrant Women in Almeria, Spain 4802
4 Communication Strategy on Oral Health Education for Adolescents 4533
5 Connection between Alcohol Consumption and Aggression in a Population of Romanian Students 4780
6 Psychosocial Outcomes in Home-Based Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Programmes 4480
7 European Union Regional Policy and Evaluation of Turkey’s Harmonisation 4851
8 Sky Glamour: Customers’ Expected Aesthetic Characteristics Considering Cabin Crew and Passenger Perspectives 5077
9 Effect of Managers’ Organizational Justice Understanding on the Level of Employees’ Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction 4931
10 Educational Level Influence on Dental Patients Attitude towards Infection Control 4806
11 The Environmental Performance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Food Safety of Food Companies from the Perspective of Green Finance 4650
12 Considerations on the Role of Palliative Care in the Mourning Period 4496
13 Nostalgia, Myth, Nationalism: The Postcolonial Nostalgia for “British” Cyprus 4586
14 The Social Meaning of Death and its Implications for Organ Procurement 4736