Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala

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Volumul: 43/2013/Decembrie

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1 Local Knowledge in the Lips of Globalization: Uncertainty of Community Participation in NGO Activities 14279
2 The Local Culture - Entrepreneurship Relation in the Equation of Agglomeration Economies 14169
3 Romanian Glocalization. Case Study on the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation Mining Project 15340
4 Community Mental Health Services - The Treatment of Anxiety and Its Effects from the Point of View of the Association of Personality Dimensions 15383
5 Begging Phenomenon in Bucharest City: Dimensions and Patterns of Expression 19910
6 A Study of Romania’s Territorial Division and Regional Development 14502
7 Pilot Study on Monitoring Static and Dynamic Vertebral Disorders in Children of School Age 14229
8 Host Community Perceptions of Tourism Impacts: A Case Study on the World Heritage City of Safranbolu, Turkey 15417
9 Innovatory Employment in Social Economy: Busting Social Entrepreneurship versus Regulating Social Insertion Enterprises 14018
10 Roma Women and Precarious Work: Evidence from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain 15215
11 Metallurgy’s Impact on Public Health 14199
12 Attributes and Communication Style of Ethnic Groups from Dobrogea Region. Comparative Research 13983
13 Adjusting Locally to a World under Ubiquitous Surveillance 13916
14 The “Culture of Corruption” in the Post-Communist Space. Economic Indicators, Transition Indices and Cultural Dimensions vs. the Perception of Corruption 13945
15 Religious Affiliation and Social Action in the Public Space 14352
16 A Call for Cultural Awareness and Tolerance in Higher Education. The Case of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, North Caucasus, Russia 13460
17 Animal Experimental Studies: Controversies, Alternatives and Perspectives 14404